Like Beans, But Pixelier!

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Pixel art images of things shaped like beans!

I made my first pixel art Jelly Beans way back in 2006 for an art show at Argyle Fine Art called “Sweet Tooth”. At that time I had created these Jelly Beans as an exercise to practice pixel art. The were presented as prints at the show, but I should have made the prints much larger. The local audience at that time was highly skeptical about digital art in general, and there was a lot of misunderstanding about what pixel art was and how it was made.

PixlBeans: Asteroid

I’ve always believed these little beans deserved a second chance and now the public seems much more accepting of many forms of Digital Art.

The idea of NFT’s has me very curious and I am going through the steps to make some available, but I am taking my time, trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I have created an account on, but I am not convinced yet if this will be the best place for this project, so currently I have nothing for sale there, just a small collection of PixlBeans you can look at.

I’ve also been looking at Rarible, and another site called SuperRare. SuperRare seems to have a far stronger focus on the quality of the art work. Some of my more ambitious pieces might be better suited that platform should I have the opportunity to join. Currently access there is limited.

So for now NFT’s are still a bit of a mystery to me. I can see the utility, for sure, but at the moment it’s unclear to me how it will all shake out. It looks like there is a bubble of financial speculation going on.

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